The Masked Man

2001. 9 mn. To be or to be had.

Written and directed by: Arnaud Pendrié

Aired: ARTE.
Backing: CNC, Procirep, Angoa.

A frustrated, clumsy character, whose physical appearance is not really to his advantage, is continually rejected by everyone he meets. One day he finds a magical mask that makes him terribly attractive to others and allows him to meet social expectations by gratifying people’s wishes for consumer goods. The masked man though rapidly learns the limits of his charm, which soon fades. When this happens, he discovers how the illusion of happiness inherent in the pleasure of material wealth is in total contradiction with the power of the imagination and creation which are, it turns out, the real sources of life… That’s all.


Selections festivals / Price

– Festival du court métrage – Vaulx-en-Velin
– Festival de Beauvais
– Festival de Villeurbanne
– Festival de Begles
– Culture d’europe – Chambery
– Festival onze bouge – Paris
– Festival d’Auch
– Festival clair obscur – Paris
– Festival d’ici et d’ailleurs – Saint Livrade
– Festival de séquence – Toulouse
– Ciné club de Winssenbourg
– Festival du film – Sarlat

– Ciné club da Biera (Portugal)
– Festival de Leipzig (Allemagne)
– Festival de Viaareggio (Italie)
– Programme carte blanche canal+ (Suisse)
– Europa cinama (Italie)
– Cartoon on the bay (Italie)
– Folioscope de Bruxelles (Belgique)