2015. 52 x 13 min. 8-10 ans. Comedy-Adventure.

Directors: Fabien Limousin and Damien Barrau
Design: Emmanuelle Fleury
Writers: Lots of people, in particular Fabien Limousin and Cédric Stephan
Contact: Franck Ekinci.

Aired: France 3, Disney XD UK.
Distribution: Superights.

Half boy, half oyster, Boyster has some weird “super” powers that make him super stretchy, give him night vision, allow him to control streams of water, as well as some not so super powers such as inky snot and fishy sweat. Weird is the new normal! Boyster is half boy, half oyster, born from a toxic spill and adopted by human parents. Boyster is like any other boy, except that he can stretch out like chewing gum, shoot sparks from his arm pits, control streams of water and spit out pearls when he eats calcium. Best of all, he’s got a twin brother named Shelby who is a giant talking shell that can fly. Boyster loves life and loves being a mutant—most of the time. It can be seriously tough being a boy when you’re also an oyster, but it’s always an awesome, outrageous adventure.