2004-2007-2009. 3 Saisons. 100 x 2 min. For teens and adultes. An occasionally musical comedy.

A series created by Philippe Alessandri.
Directed by (in no particular order, over the 3 seasons): Franck Ekinci Fabien Limousin Michaël Armellino, Jérémie Perin an Marie-Cécile Labatut.
Principal writers: Arnaud Figaret, Franck Ekinci, Fabien Limousin and Laurent Sarfati.
Design: Marie-Cécile Débitus who lives in the sun in Montpellier.
contact: Franck Ekinci.

Co-producers: Télé Images Kids.
Aired: MCM, Canal Jimmy.

Carl, Odile and Olaf, are a musical trio who form the group C02. They are busting their you-know-what’s in order to make the big-time. Sometimes the episodes deal with something completely different, and guess what? That’s OK too.