Inter Planets

In Development. TV Special. 3 X 26′. 8-10 year olds. Adventure Comedy.

Directors: the illustrious Gark and the world-renowned Piano.
Design: Cyril Pedrosa.
Writer: the famous Fabien Wehlmann.
Contacts: Franck Ekinci.

Alien saucers invade the sky above planet earth! Actually, it’s not an invasion at all, but rather an intergalactic game with totally wacky events, and it’s planet against planet! And first prize is a brand new planet! Four earthlings who have absolutely nothing in common are randomly chosen by the ET’s. Will Bindu, an orphan from Calcutta, Michel from Clermont Ferrand, Martha a retired lady from Las Vegas and Fish, the scaredy-cat bear, be able to transcend their differences, keep from bickering, win the excruciatingly difficult interplanetary contest and bring a brand new planet home to humankind, one that humans reallllllllly need!

Animatics for the first episode and trial animation available.