Lili’s island

26 x 13 mn. 2006. 8-10 years. Comedy-Adventure.

Director: Fabien Limousin.
Design: Emmanuelle Fleury, Isabelle Lenoble.
Writers: Fabien Limousin, Franck Ekinci (amongst others…).
Contact: Franck Ekinci.

Aired: TF1, TPS Jeunesse.
Distribution: Télé Images International

Lili, her little sister Glueball and their best friend Matt, spend the first night of their summer vacation at the Palavas-les-flots camping ground. Pure ecstasy! But no way are they going to sleep in their family campers. The next morning though, when they come out of their tent, they discover that they are on a mysterious island, inhabited by strange people and even weirder creatures. And it’s going to take 26 episodes for our little heroes to find their parents and their way back to the camp site.