Smart Monkey

2014. 18 min (approx). A Revolutionary Saga.

Based on the comic book by Winshluss. Editions Cornelius.
Written and directed by Nicolas Pawlowski and Winshluss.

Aired: Canal +.
Backing: CNC, Procirep, Angoa.

An epic, outrageous saga, Smart Monkey explores the ancestral combat of the weakest to survive against brute force. In a Paleolithic jungle, a mischievous monkey takes on merciless predators, cleverly escaping danger at every turn. The little primate embodies the superiority of brain over brawn and the advent of culture overtaking instinct… until, at a crucial and unfortunate moment we are reminded that civilization was not built on kindness. Several millennium later, a singular epilogue presents the consequences of our primate’s adventure…