In production. 78 x 7 minutes of joyful disasters in the heart of nature for 5-7 year olds

Director: Fabien Limousin
Literary Bible: Fabien Limousin, Franck Ekinci
Graphic Bible: Fabien Limousin, Sylvain Bec
Scenario, for the moment: Fabien Limousin, Franck Ekinci, Sylvain Bec, Julien Daubas, Piano.
Contact : Franck Ekinci, Perrine Capron

Broadcast planned on France 4 or the future platform…

Punchline : When clumsiness is an art…
Nawak is a very fortunate Indian, blessed with a loving, obliging family, and the best friend you could ever dream of: Kawak, the pony. Surrounded by nature, as free as air, you could say Nawak was lucky to have such an idyllic life. But that’s just it: Nawak is jinxed, cursed, dogged by bad luck. What’s more, he’s clumsy.

Nawak’s paradisiacal existence is not devoid of obligations, such as hunting, gathering, making fires, packing up the tepee and passing his Mustang driving test. These activities, ordinary enough for any other Indian in the Nawak tribe, are disasters waiting to happen for our hero. Nawak’s clumsiness and total bad luck turn any daily occupation into an incident that in turn becomes an accident and then a cataclysm.

Ail of this takes place under the dismayed gaze of Kawak the pony …
Nawak, joyful and endearing, is a sort of unlucky Yakari. In short, he’s the Mr Bean of the plains.