In production. 78 x 7 min. Comedy. Tasteful 3D Cartoon.

Written, directed and design by: Renaud Martin
Script, so far: Renaud Martin, Franck Ekinci, Florent Poulain
Contact: Franck Ekinci.

In development with FTV Jeunesse.
For broadcast on France 3 or France 4, we don’t know yet…

The 78 episodes of this series will explore the unlikely friendship between a little girl and an extraterrestrial on a tropical island. Throughout the course of their adventures, Fatou, a carefree, playful and sometimes bratty girl, and Roger, an awkward alien who has the power to bring inanimate objects to life, will provoke little accidents that sometimes evolve into giant catastrophes but nearly always end on a happy note.
Basically, Roger and Fatou spend all their time saving the island from their own monkey business and blunders…