The Kiddycrunchers

En développement. 52 x 11 mn. 6-10 ans. Comédie. 2D.

Réalisation : Aurélien Bouillon, Cédric Stéphan.
Bible littéraire : Cédric Stéphan.
Bible graphique : Aurélien Bouillon.
Scénario, pour l’instant : Cédric Stéphan, Franck Ekinci.
Contact : Franck Ekinci, Perrine Capron.

Développement avec Canal +.

lt sure ain’t easy being a 21st century Troll.
Especially when you and your family live in a housing project packed as tight as sardines with scrumptious human beings…

KiddyCrunchers is a series for kids 6 to 10, heavily dosed with humor, sprinkled with lots of adventure, a pinch of the fantastic and cooked up for alI ages and walks of human Iife.

Each episode tells the story of one of the Kiddycruncher’s wacky adventures. The Kiddycrunchers are a family of Trolls who have been forced to leave their home under the bridge and move into the Shoebox Housing Project and Iive amongst… human beings!

Luckily they can count on their oldest daughter, Munchies, to help them blend in with the locals.

lt’s no piece of cake trying to channel all this incredible family’s excess energy!
Living happily means learning how to hide!